Nexybit Token Mining

Nexybit is a revenue sharing cryptocurrency mining exchange!

Users can receive daily airdrops in Bitcoin, Ethereum and USD Tether. Also by holding more than the designated ticket size, users can receive an additional 'Super Holder Airdrop’ through the POSS system.

Nexybit will be the first exchange to apply trade mining to both token trading and futures trading.


NXY tokens are exchange tokens that can be used on Nexybit exchange.

NXY tokens are rewarded for any user who trades on the exchange.

Also by owning NXY tokens, you can receive a portion of the revenue that is created on the exchange.

The right to vote for new coin listings is to be added at a later date.

The total supply of NXY tokens is 10,000,000,000 NXYs. Mining NXY tokens officially started on the 22nd of October 2018 and is distributed for 36 months.

NXY Token Distribution

Total 10,000,000,000

Mining: 65%

Team: 14%

Operation: 17%

Pre-mining: 3%

Airdrop: 1%

NXY Token Mining Period:
36 months

* 3% of the tokens were distributed to pre-miners. Half of the pre-mined tokens are unlocked daily over the course of 150 days.

Trade Mining

NXY Mining Rule

Nexybit mining is processed on a daily basis.

Each day has a fixed number of NXY tokens that are minable.
Each user is rewarded with NXY tokens based on the exchange’s daily revenue contribution.

The mined NXY tokens will be paid based on the trading contribution of each trader
to the total trading revenue based on 24 hours a day ago (3:00PM ~ 2:59PM, UTC).

* Daily total NXY mined quantity = Total NXY mined quantity / 3 years = 4,143,794 NXY

* Daily NXY mined quantity per account = Daily total NXY mined quantity * Contribution rate per account (8 digit truncation)

* Contribution rate per account = Daily Trading Fee per account / Daily Total Trading Fee (calculated based on USD standard price)

NXY Daily Airdrop

Daily Airdrop Rules (Proof of Trading)

Nexybit daily airdrop is processed on a daily basis.

60% of the daily revenue is airdropped to NXY token holders depending on the percentage they hold.

30% of the daily revenue is airdropped to the Super Holder ticket holders.

The number of NXY tokens held by each user (average balance per account) is calculated as an average of 24 hours after taking a snapshot every hour. The airdrops are paid as BTC, ETH, and USDT.

* Minimum Payment Units by a standard coin

- BTC : 0.00001 BTC

- ETH : 0.0001 ETH

- USDT : 0.1 USDT

* Total airdrops = Total exchange revenue * Total airdrop rate(60%)

* NXY average balance per account : Calculated as 24-hour average balance after taking a snapshot every hour

* Airdrop rate per account = NXY average balance per account / Total NXY average balance

* Airdrop per account = Total airdrop * airdrop rate per account

The share of NXY tokens is calculated by the number of circulating tokens.

* Circulating tokens : Mined tokens + Unlocked tokens

Lockup Policy

Non-minable tokens(Pre-mining, Operation, and Team tokens) are initially locked,
meaning they cannot receive airdrops. Each will be unlocked as below :

1. Team : The team takes 14% of the total NXY token supply. Team tokens will be unlocked 30% after 1 year since opening day, another 30% after 2 years, and the final 40% after 3 years.

2. Operation : Operation takes 17% of the total NXY token supply. The unlock policy will be decided at the end of the first year.

3. Pre-mining : Pre-mining takes 3% of the total NXY token supply, and 50% of the Pre-mining supply will be paid on opening day. The remaining 50% will be locked temporarily, and a fixed amount will be unlocked each day for 150 days. All Pre-mining NXY tokens will be paid out within 150 days.

* Amount of daily unlocked Pre-mining NXY tokens = (Total amount of Pre-mining NXY tokens - Amount of initial NXY token payment) / 150 days = (300,000,000 NXY - 150,000,000 NXY) / 150 days = 1,000,000 NXY

End of Token Distribution

After all tokens are distributed, the airdrop becomes 50% of revenue.

* Minimum Payment Units by a standard coin

- BTC : 0.00001 BTC

- ETH : 0.0001 ETH

- USDT : 0.1 USDT


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